Saturday, October 23, 2010

My dad’s 54th birthday!! XD

Well, my dad just turned 54 last Oct 22. ^__^ Since we are all busy at the house, my mom decided since we are all complete every mornings before we all headed to work, to celebrate dad’s birthday instead early in the morning.


We had a very simple celebration, and mom cooked carbonara and she also bought a Chocolate Mousse cake from Red Ribbon.


Carbonara was okay, but not exactly to my liking… Mom’s spaghetti was WAYYYY better than this.


This was definitely what I loved best. This is also my GF’s favorite cake, and its simply delish. XD

Here’s my dad blowing the candle off his cake. Man I rarely see my dad smile like that. He’s like a big kid really (kinda reminds me of me)


As for my dad’s gift. Here it is:


…Just kidding. XD

Neways my dad’s gift just arrived a few hours ago. You see my dad has been asking about a good digital camera and stuff to use for work from me. Little did I know, my mom was taking notes and suddenly she just bought a new camera for my dad!! My mom’s really that sweet. XD

Anyway here’s a simple unboxing of the unit:


The package comes with 2GB SD card, charger, AV cable to hook up to a TV, pouch, as well as installer for image editing software.

And here’s the camera itself:


It does look sleek and shiny and comes equipped with a lithium ion battery so there’s no need for my dad to buy batteries. Overall my dad was happy as a kid. My dad’s a closet geek and he probably doesn’t realize it. XD


  1. Ang sweeeeeeet ni tita! I'm sure he's feeling all so techie right now! How much daw?

  2. @Kitten:
    Oo nga babe eh!! Mom really is that sweet. And yes, dad can't help but smile alot holding his spankin new digicam!! Oh and as soon as I woke up this morning, dala na nya agad ung camera. He's that excited daw sabi ni mama, nalimutan nya i-fully charge!! LOL!! I hope dad loves his new digicam. XD

  3. haaay... isang pamilya kayo ng techie, kasama si kitten. is that your cat?

    it's funny! there's a chocolate mousse cake beside the pan de sal! lol! priceless! i love it! go pinoy!

  4. @Lady E:
    LOL!! Well actually its my fault din why naging tech lovers ang family ko, my GF included. XD

    And yes that's my cat tigger. He's a half persian, half pusakal. Kitten gave him to me kasi ang dami na daw na pusa sa kanila, LOL!!

    As for the pan de sal, well old-school si erpats eh. Very pinoy tlaga. Hahahahahaha!! XD