Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Play-asia package finally arrived!! XD


After like 2 months of waiting, my package has finally arrived!! You see back in October of this year, I ordered something for Play-asia that’s for sale at the time. It was a “Kyoshiro Maniax Mini Fig vol. 1 Gundam kit” (that was quite a mouthful..)

I got one for cheap really, so I went ahead and bought one anyway. Being a cheap-ass that I am, I used the cheapest method of sending it here. And well, I guess I kinda paid the price for being a cheap-ass when it comes to stuff like these. LOL!! It took more or less 2 months of waiting before I finally got my package. And to think I was beginning to get worried about not even getting my package at all. Anyway, without further ado, here’s my mini-unboxing:


This particular Gundam kit is pretty easy to assemble really, and is already pre-painted quite nicely. However it comes at a price of losing any sort of poseability or articulation. I suppose these gundam kits are more for those who just wants a gundam kit, without the fuss of painting them or assembling them.

Once assembled, the gundam kit looks really nice. The level of detail poured into the kit is really admirable to say the least.


However, as detailed and as good as this Gundam figure maybe, it’s a really REALLY small gundam figure. Here’s some comparison shots:


Well considering the price I got him for, and the amount of detail it has, I suppose it’s a good buy. Till next time!!


  1. That's pretty awesome for something so small! Definitely a good deal. :3

  2. @Columbia:
    Yeah I know. To think I only spend like... $3 on this. Shipping is free (although I had to wait for like 2 freakin months), so yeah it was a pretty good deal IMHO. :D

  3. I love Play Asia's free shipping too... but nowadays, I can't risk it, so I pay the extra to have it shipped to my house directly. xD;;; Ho well...

  4. @Columbia:
    I know exactly what you mean. Ako man ayaw ko nang magpaship ulit ng free. After all the BS I went thru.