Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Old VS New; Polaroid A544 VS Samsung ES30

Hey everyone!!

Well remember I mentioned back then that the reason I bought my Samsung ES30 was because I gave my old Polaroid A544 to my sister? Well just so happens I saw it one day on a drawer unused. I asked my sister about it, and she mentioned that she doesn’t need it as much anymore as she’s now busy with work. Oh well, atleast now its used as our official office camera for taking ID pics and stuff.

Here’s how my old Polaroid A544 looked like:


In my previous review about it last year, for the price it’s a pretty good digicam.

Now that I have a better digicam, I’m curious just how my old camera fares. Now first off, I know that its quite unfair to pit my old Polaroid camera with my newer Samsung ES30, since it only has 5 megapixels compared to Samsung’s 12 megapixels. But still I must admit I’m pretty curious nonetheless.

Here’s the comparison pics, and yes once again I’m using my trademark “Voltron test” for the comparison (resized). Here’s the results:


Here’s the pictures (unresized) for a much more accurate take on the pictures themselves and overall picture quality:


Samsung ES30 (top), Polaroid A544 (bottom)


Samsung ES30 (top), Polaroid A544 (bottom)


Samsung ES30 (top), Polaroid A544 (bottom)


Samsung ES30 (top), Polaroid A544 (bottom)

In the test, it shows clearly that the Samsung ES30 has better lens quality and shows much more sharper and clearer images than the Polaroid A544. It also does a great job in macro in locating the subject image. Colors are a little dull with the Samsung ES30 and leaves a lot to be desired, compared to the Polaroid A544, but IMHO Polaroid’s photos is oversaturated. The picture also look really blurred when I tried to picture Voltron full-sized when using the Polaroid A544.

Overall, I suppose the Polaroid A544 didn’t age as well as I hoped it would compared to let’s say my 2 megapixel Nokia camera. Till next time!! ^_^

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